When it comes to fungal toenails, not all treatments are created equal. The Q-Clear™ Laser System uses bursts of light energy to precisely target and kill nail fungus without harming the healthy parts of the nail or surrounding skin (known as anti-targeting).

Q-Clear™ technology creates the perfect combination and intensity of wavelengths and pulses, which are more effective than other types of lasers which can be painful and/or ineffective.

The superior characteristics of the Q-Clear™ Laser System can often limit treatments to only one session in normal cases, while other laser treatments require multiple sessions.

No recovery period is necessary with Q-Clear™, and patients can go about their normal activities-even applying nail polish if desired-immediately following treatment. The new nail will grow in clear: with no thickness, discoloration or distortion.

The Q-Clear™ Laser System is also more effective and less harmful than antifungal topical and oral medications. Topical treatments (either OTC or prescription) do not work as well as the Q-Clear™ Laser System, and oral medications take longer and may have serious side effects.

Talk to us to discover if the Q-Clear™ Laser System is an option for your toenail fungal infection.

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