At Family Foot & Ankle Care, I see a range of different foot and ankle pathology. Some of these conditions could certainly be avoided if the proper shoewear was worn to protect and support the feet better and avoid having the feet "beaten up" by the hard, unforgiving surfaces we stand on all day while at work and even at play.


However, in interviewing patient's as to how they go about looking for a shoe there are usually one of two responses which is purchasing based on purely price alone or style of the shoe. Truly, the best way to find a shoe is knowing what shoe or sneaker will fit your particular foot type the best in order to maximize comfort.


There are three particular foot types which is a flat foot, a neutral or medium arched foot, and a high arch foot. Shoes and particularly sneakers are made in order to accommodate these particular foot types. A Motion Control type shoe/sneaker is best for a low arched foot type that is very flexible. A Stability type shoe/sneaker is best for a medium arched foot type and a Neutral shoe/sneaker is best for a high arched foot.


In our office, a thorough examination of the foot will reveal the patient's foot type, flexibility of the foot, whether or not the patient is a supinating or hyperpronating foot type. With this information, you will then be able to select the particular type of shoe that will best protect your feet based on your foot type. We provide a list of sneakers at the office for you based on this information. We can also scan your feet and lead you towards shoes/sneakers that best fit your fit based on this digital scan.


It will then become easier to select the shoe that best fits your fit. And yes, you can find a shoe/sneaker that is reasonable in price, quite stylish, and most importantly make your feet feel like you're walking on air. It will be the best money you ever spent!!